Staying Connected (June 2020)

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Staying Connected - With Each Other

Join together with members of the Anderson Church and Shasta Lake Bible Fellowship EACH week during the following times:

  1. Call to Prayer - Wednesdays at 6pm.  Share your praises, requests and thoughts of encouragement with each other!
  2. Information Meeting - Thursdays at 6pm.  Hear reports of what is happening in our district, conference, etc. and share ideas of how we can remain aware of resources during this time.

To join either one of these meetings, just call 530-395-0316 each week!


Visitation and Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care - Is still limited to phone visits, dire need visits and end of life visits.  Please contact your Head Elder or Pastor Miller is available via his cell at 530-776-4381. He is preparing to transition to his next ministry assignment, but is available most of the time.  You can also call any of the other elders if need be.


Treasury Matters/Pastoral Care

Offerings: Please continue to remember to support our local church by making a contribution to the "Church Family Budget", and remember to support ministers/our Conference by returning your tithe.  You can mail these contributions to the church P.O. Box or make other arrangements to get them to your treasurer.


Hope Awakens Ends, New Series Set to Begin

Last month we wrote of our endeavors to share spiritual resources with community members in Anderson and Shasta Lake. We have sent out Amazing Facts Bible study cards, done online outreach by advertising free book offers via Facebook, sent out a 3ABN Covid-19 booklet, given out literature and DVDs to those of you who have come to the Pause to Pray (so you can use them to reach out to others as opportunity arises), and finished the online It Is Written series called Hope Awakens.


The Hope Awakens series has ended, and our Virtual Bible Workers (members interacting via email, text and phone calls) are still staying in touch with the over 100 interests from our two areas. Please pray that these interests will be responsive and the Lord will lead them more and more into His truth!


A special 7-part health series by John Bradshaw will begin June 22.  It will be online and cover some topics similar to what you found on the DVD that was given out at the Pause to Pray.  We will send out an email when details become available, and you can of course contact someone at the church via phone if you want more information. 



Reopening Churches

In person services in the buildings: Many have asked about reopening church buildings and having services in our district. As of this writing we have been given guidelines from the Northern California Conference and one of those guidelines involves making a reopening plan.  This plan has been drafted and will be voted on by the church board of each church.  If it is approved, with or without modifications, then the reopening plan goes to a NCC Administrator.  They have told Pastor Miller that they will endeavor to approve the plan & reopening soon after they receive the decision from the Church Board.  It may be likely that a worship service will take place within our buildings within the next two weeks.  Right now we are also acquiring hygiene items, planning the seating of congregants and developing a communication plan for our churches. Thank you for your continued patience and prayers during this time! 


Pause to Pray, Drive-in and Outdoor services:


Pause to Pray – Anderson has had a weekly time to pray in our parking lot from 8:30am to 10am.  Our next Pause to Pray will be Sabbath, May 30 from 8:30am to 10am.  After that we will consider how to use the Pause to Pray in conjunction with our worship service (see the next announcement). 


Drive-In Services – At Anderson we will do our first Drive-in service on Sabbath, June 6 from 11am to noon.  There will be NO Pause to Pray prior to this service.  A drive-in service participant sheet is available that explains what is expected of those who come.  After June 6, we may start indoor services or we may not depending on what the Church Board votes.  If they vote to not do indoor services, then drive-in services will continue EACH week from June 6 onward in the Church parking lot at 11am.  Once services are started up at Shasta Lake, then Pastor Miller will rotate back and forth each week.  We will also be planning other services as time progresses.


*Please pray for God's wisdom and timing on this matter. For those of you coming to Anderson for the Pause to Pray or the Drive-in Services: Please follow all directions of ministry staff and read the participant sheet carefully upon arrival.


Northern California Conference Call to Prayer

The NCC Prayer Team has a “Call to Prayer” session every Thursday morning via phone. Starting at 7:00 a.m., the line is open for an hour. This opportunity is available to anyone who would like to pray with other prayer friends. You are welcome to present prayer requests. Just call (916) 637-8111 and enter the access code: 669648#. 

Find out more about the Prayer Ministries Department online here:



100 Days of Prayer March 27 to July 4, 2020

What to expect during the 100 Days of Prayer:

• Each Friday (starting on March 27th for 15 weeks total) there will be an inspirational reading or testimony giving hope and courage as we seek God’s wisdom in our time of great need.

• Each day specific prayer requests reflecting ongoing needs will be e-mailed out for all those who register online. Prayer requests on behalf of your church/conference/union/division can be submitted and will be considered for inclusion in these daily mailings.

To sign up go to

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