Staying Connected (July 2020)

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Staying Connected - With Each Other

The weekly Teleconferences (Call to Prayer and the District Information Meeting) are discontinued until the need arises to utilize them again.  Thank you for each one who took the time to join us during the past three months – it was a blessing!  Please check your bulletin for in-person prayer meeting or other study options that may be added in the future.


Visitation and Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care - Is still limited to phone visits, dire need visits and end of life visits.  Please contact your Head Elder or Pastor Miller is available via his cell at 530-776-4381. He is preparing to transition to his next ministry assignment, but is available most of the time.  You can also call any of the other elders if need be.


Treasury Matters/Pastoral Care

Offerings: Please continue to remember to support our local church by making a contribution to the "Church Family Budget", and remember to support ministers/our Conference by returning your tithe.  You can mail these contributions to the church P.O. Box or make other arrangements to get them to your treasurer.  You can also give your contribution each week before or after the worship service.  Please use the offering boxes that are located at the back entrance or at the back of the sanctuary. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Take Charge of Your Health


A special 7-part health series by John Bradshaw will began June 22.  It was online and covered some very helpful health topics.  Check out the website if you missed a presentation or would like to share the content with a friend:   


Church Service Options

In person services in the buildings: Both churches in our district have reopened as of the writing of this newsletter (end of June).  Right now services are limited to the 11am worship service until the Board approves adding prayer meeting, Sabbath School or other small gatherings at the church.  We encourage all to wear face coverings, practice physical distancing and utilize sanitizer/hand washing.  If you are concerned and do not wish to attend, then don’t.  If you are sick, been to an area of sickness or around anyone that is sick, then please do not come. 


*If you wish to access the service online, then please visit our YouTube page and click on the “Live” option each week at 11am or watch an archived video.  You can visit our website at and click on the “Online Sermons” tab OR access our channel on YouTube at this address:  Another option if you wish to watch on your Roku device is to go to the YouTube channel and do a search for “Anderson SDA Church”.  You should then look for the channel that has a picture of our church. Last, for those with “bunny ears” you can watch Adventist programming at UHF stations 23.1 and 33 in Redding, CA.  Pause to Pray and Drive-in options are discontinued.


Northern California Conference Call to Prayer

The NCC Prayer Team has a “Call to Prayer” session every Thursday morning via phone. Starting at 7:00 a.m., the line is open for an hour. This opportunity is available to anyone who would like to pray with other prayer friends. You are welcome to present prayer requests. Just call (916) 637-8111 and enter the access code: 669648#. 

Find out more about the Prayer Ministries Department online here:



100 Days of Prayer March 27 to July 4, 2020

What to expect during the 100 Days of Prayer:

• Each Friday (starting on March 27th for 15 weeks total) there will be an inspirational reading or testimony giving hope and courage as we seek God’s wisdom in our time of great need.

• Each day specific prayer requests reflecting ongoing needs will be e-mailed out for all those who register online. Prayer requests on behalf of your church/conference/union/division can be submitted and will be considered for inclusion in these daily mailings.

To sign up go to

Call the Office at 530-365-3965 for more information or questions about any of this information. 

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