June/July 2019 Newsletter

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Missional Focus: A Lot Has Happened!


Dear Anderson Church Family,

A lot has happened since our last regular issue of the Connections newsletter.  Seed sowing and follow-up studies to the Pale Horse Rides series are still underway.  You have received a yearly calendar with the December letter, we had our annual prayer and devotions focus during the first quarter of 2018, and are well into the ministry calendar as I type this.  Also, I have progressed into final (but many) steps in the Doctor in Ministry program and hope to be completed with all the requirements by later this summer—I am excited!  As a result of the Pale Horse series, and the Bible work that took place before, during and after the series, there are a number of individuals either studying for membership or considering it—Praise the Lord!  Another happening has been the launch of Adventist Family Ministries (see their article). Health Ministry continues to move forward with a well attended and well done program called, “Dinner with the Doctors”.  Their current focus is on helpful remedies. Additionally, socials have continued to take place (such as the picnic at the park pictured here)  a weekly vespers on Friday was started, small groups continuing to meet, members continue to serve at ACCA (Anderson Cottonwood Christian Alliance), new hymnals were purchased thanks to many generous hearts, maintenance continues  and much more! So yes, a LOT has happened since the last newsletter, and may not only a lot continue to happen, but may it advance God’s work! 

Adventist Family Ministry (AFM) - Youth Night

Mission: To provide resources to better the lives and prepare young families with children ages 0-12 in Anderson, CA for the soon-return of Jesus! Highlights of recent happenings 1. Fall Festival—November 12.  The event was VERY well attended by children of various backgrounds.  We provided a fun time, snacks, massage therapy for parents, and a literature table featuring flyers as well as special GLOW tracts that were family oriented. 
2. Youth Night—Started in March and has averaged about 15 children each time with some from the community present each time.  We will meet on the 3rd Saturday night of June, take a break in July and then resume this program in August. 3. Vacation Bible School— Tentatively planned for August. Other Upcoming Family Events: Some training for those who wish to give Bible studies to families by Pastor 
Coneff with follow up by having a spirituality for families seminar / invitation to Bible studies, Fall Festival in November, Raising Dollar Sense Kids by Gordon Botting and more! Please prayerfully consider how you can support the present and future ministry of our Church in Anderson by helping with Family ministry! 

Adventist Youth (AY): Media on the Brain

The Adventist Youth Team organized a memorable and PACKED meeting of parents and youth from several area churches on Sabbath, April 7.  It was a full day of presentations from speaker Scott Ritsema entitled, “Media on the Brain”.  We were challenged to spend time in the Word of God and limit media exposure.  Our next youth speaker is Pastor Moise who is coming Sabbath, June 9. Ongoing activities include:  Glowing—GLOW stands for Giving God’s Light to Our World and features small pieces of literature and seasonal gifts to neighbors around the Church. We will restart this program in the Fall. Youth Meeting—2nd Sabbath of each month at 4:30pm. 
Singspirations—The fourth Sabbath of each month at 2:30pm we go to the Oak River Rehab facility.   Also our youth/young adults are very active in our A/V department (Anderson Media Ministry) and need your support in that endeavor as well.  Please pray for our youth and for the many tasks they are a part of at our Church! 

Health Ministry: Dinner with the Doctor (remedies) 

The last Dinner with the Doctor featured a very helpful presentation on the use of charcoal by Debbe Jefford.  The practical tips, personal stories and the scrumptious food attest to the ongoing work this team does each month to make this program happen.  Great job team! 
Health events continue each month: 
Monthly: Dinner with the Doctor on the 3rd Sunday of each month @ 4pm. 
An outreach to Happy Valley will take place during the summer—please pray for this endeavor. 


Elder’s TEAM

Some upcoming events our elders will be facilitating:  Pale Horse October 27-29 @ 7pm: October 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses being nailed to the Church wall at Wittenburg.  In commemoration of our protestant heritage we joined the Voice of Prophecy for their three part series, “A Pale Horse Rides”.  We had several guests attend each presentation and as a result of the Bible work follow-up continues with those interested in membership.   
Communion/Visitation Sabbath: June 2.  We are scheduling communion visits as of this writing.  If you, or someone you know, would like a communion visit, then please contact either Pastor Miller, one of our elders or the Church office.  Our next communion after June 2 will be September 9.  Upcoming Speakers: July 7—Elder Marc Woodson (interim NCC President) 
July 21—Uriel Belboda July 28—Elder Luis Garcia August 4—Sean Pitman (local Redding elder will speak on creation science). 
- With love, your elders TEAM 

Staying Connected—Reflecting the Image of Jesus

In this segment, we see that those who embrace present truth, who are ready at the end, have a very important question posited by Ellen White’s accompanying angel.  May we each ponder this question and turn to Jesus to reflect Him more fully! — Pastor Miller

“In a view given June 27, 1850, my accompanying angel said, ‘Time is almost finished. Do you reflect the lovely image of Jesus as you should?’ Then I was pointed to the earth and saw that there would have to be a getting ready among those who have of late embraced the third angel's message. Said the angel, ‘Get ready, get ready, get ready. Ye will have to die a greater death to the world than ye have ever yet died.’ I saw that there was a great work to do for them and but little time in which to do it. Then I saw that the seven last plagues were soon to be poured out upon those who have no shelter; yet the world regarded them no more than they would so many drops of water that were about to fall. I was then made capable of enduring the awful sight of the seven last plagues, the wrath of God. . .Terror seized me, and I fell upon my face before the angel and begged of him to cause the sight to be removed, to hide it from me, for it was too dreadful. Then I realized, as never before, the importance of searching the Word of God carefully, to know how to escape the plagues which that Word declares shall come on all the ungodly. . . It was a great wonder for me that any could transgress the law of God and tread down His holy Sabbath, when such awful threatenings and denunciations were against them” (Early Writings, p. 64). 


Anderson Connections

(Mark your calendars for these upcoming events!)

Tuesday Night Studies— Pausing for Summer; Wed. studies—Testimonies (6pm); Daniel/Revelation 7pm; Friday Nights—Vespers at 6:00pm  June 8-9: Youth Weekend with Pastor Moise  June 15 @ 6pm—Singles Bible Club at the Annex  June 16 @ 6pm—Community Youth Night  June 20-23—Health Booth at the Shasta District Fair  June 17 @ 4pm—Dinner with the Doctors (Hydrotherapy)  June 21 @ 6pm—Nominating Committee; 7pm—Board Meeting  June 23 @ 2:30pm—Singspirations at Oak River; June 28 @ 7pm— Diabetes Support Group at the Annex  June 28-30: Spanish Evangelistic Meetings with Pastor Jose Abreu 
*Next Communion/Visitation Sabbath—Sept. 9 


Area & NCC Happenings 

Palo Cedro: Celebrate Recovery—Weekly 68pm at 1318 East Cypress Avenue, Redding.   
Redwood Area Camp Meeting July 19-28, 2018: Plan to attend this year’s Camp Meeting at the Redwoods!  Speakers include Shawn Boonstra and others! Attend and invite a friend!  Call 707-946-2452 to contact them! 

Declaring to each individual their eternal value in Jesus and preparing them for His soonreturn!

Anderson Church Membership


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